Nancy’s Quilt Shop presents: Block Party 2017-2018

New Format, Beautiful Color Options

**Purchase Alex Anderson’s new book, Keep Quilting for $14.95, and you will be enrolled in the newest block party. A wonderful book that provides step by step graphics and options for construction and ideas for setting and finishing. The patterns are 12 inch star blocks with a pieced 6-inch center block.

**We will be offering four colorways (click the photos for larger pictures):

1) Purple Passion

2) Asian

3) Blue and Yellow

4) Soft Reds/Greens/Beige

**Fee will be $5.00 per month per block, beginning with the second month, completed block or not, no more worry about finishing. If you are doing more than one colorway, only one block is free the first month.

**Block Party week will remain the same, the third Tues.-Sat. You still must pre-arrange for blocks to be held. See shop for rules.

**We will select the pattern from the book and provide fabric for the center 6 inch block and the star points, you will provide fabric for your background. You will also receive fabric for three mini star blocks that will coordinate with your chosen colorway at various times during the year.

**Bring in a completed block and you may be one of four participants to win a free block the following month.

**We will be taking sign ups beginning June 1st through the second week in July — you may call to purchase your book and reserve your spot.

**Block Party 2016-2017 will begin the week of AUGUST 16 (there is an overlap with the current Block party which will end in September). If you are out of town this summer, just pre-pay for your book and fabric and we will hold them for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

(1) Why are you changing the format?
We are changing for two reasons: to provide a detailed project that includes basic quilting information and finishing suggestions and to defray the great expense of fabric and design hours. This will enable us to use a greater variety of fabrics and more fabric to
allow for differences in technique.

(2) Why are you changing the start date?
The current Block Party will end as planned in October. The 2016/2017 Block Party will begin pick up in August. We are trying to plan the starting time when we have the most time to prepare and want to avoid the busy fall. This way your Block Party quilt can be finished in time for Christmas!

(3)Why do we have to buy the book?
This new book has great versatility for beginners and experienced quilters. The patterns and directions are copyrighted and we are protecting the author by requiring the purchase of the book. You will get a lot of use out of the book when Block Party is over.

(4) Can we punch our Blue Cards for these Block Party fees?
Yes, you can punch your frequent buyer card for the book purchase and each month’s five dollars.

(5)Can we do more than one colorway?
Yes, just sign up for each of the colorways. Each block will be $5.00 per month. You will get one of the blocks free the first month only.

Nancy and Staff

Nancy’s Quilt Shop